Dates & Seminar Schedule


SATURDAY • October 15, 2022 • Live In-Person Event & Webinar
Saturday, 10 am – 4:30 pm
1840 Bond Street, Green Bay, WI 54303

SATURDAY • April 15, 2023 • Live In-Person Event & Webinar
Saturday, 10 am – 4:30 pm
1840 Bond Street, Green Bay, WI 54303


10-10:55 • SESSION #1

  • Speaker Introductions, Meet Dave & Adrianne
  • Two Common Myths on Human Behavior
    • You Are Your Brain
    • Nature and Nurture Create Behavior
  • Nature & Nurture
    • Helpful, But The Real Answer Goes Much Deeper
    • There’s A Problem. What Is It?
  • What In The World Are You?!
  • The FIRST Category of Desires, Part 1
    • The Easiest Category to Understand
    • The Iceberg Chart
    • Definition
    • Major Themes
    • Life Indicators: (Here’s a sample list: distant and hollow relationships, overeating, easily bored, undisciplined, procrastinates, underdressing, feels dirty-guilty-ashamed, messy and sloppy….)

11:05-NOON • SESSION #2

  • The SECOND Category of Desires
    • Definition
    • Major Themes
    • Life Indicators: (Samples: preoccupation with the next “buy,” envious, greedy, over-working, squanders money or is miserly, dishonest….)

12:05-12:45  • LUNCH (Lunch provided free for the Green Bay live, in-person seminars.)

12:50-1:45 • SESSION #3

  • The THIRD Category of Desires, Part 1
    • The Hardest To See In Your Life–The Easiest To See In Others. (Your problems, and a lot of other people’s behavioral problems will come clear as you understand this tricky and thorny category of desires.)
    • Definition
    • Major Themes

1:55-2:40 • SESSION #4

  • The THIRD Category of Desires, Part 2
    • Life Indicators (Samples: image-massaging, wears “masks,” self-monitoring with impression management, controlling, triangulation, plays victim, pouting, conceited, driven, distant and hollow relationships, seeking acceptance/respect, BDD, feels unique, self-absorbed, unilateral listening, conversation flipping, lack of empathy, narcissistic, angry, argumentative, clams up/blows up….) NOTE: There are over 100 indicators for this category.


  • The Met·a·nar·ra·tive (/ˈmedəˌnerədiv/): an overarching account or interpretation of events that provides a structure for beliefs and gives meaning to experiences.
    • You Are A Philosopher
    • You Are A Theologian
    • The Bible is a Strange Book
    • Everything Has a Beginning: What About Desires?
    • What Major Event In World History Changed Everything?
    • What Other Major Event Changed Everything Again?

3:20-4:30 • OK, SO WHAT NOW? / Q & A

  • How Do I Apply All This To My Relationships?
  • So Then How Do I Change?
  • Q & A
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This conference is provided by The Counseling Center at Bay City, a non-profit, free counseling center based at Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay, WI (marriage counseling, marriage therapy, family counseling, family therapy, addictions counseling, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, and more).