Dates & Seminar Schedule


SATURDAY • April 13, 2019
10 am-4:30 pm
Only 40 seats will be available.

SATURDAY • October 19, 2019
10 am-4:30 pm
Only 40 seats will be available.

SATURDAY • October 26, 2019
  10 am-4:30 pm
Only 28 seats are available.
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Adrianne will not be attending.

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10-10:55 • SESSION #1

  • Two Common Myths on Human Behavior
    • You Are Your Brain
    • Nature and Nurture Create Behavior
  • Nature & Nurture
    • Helpful, But The Real Answer Goes Much Deeper
    • There’s A Problem. What Is It?
  • What In The World Are You?!
  • The FIRST Category of Desires, Part 1
    • The Easiest Category to Understand
    • The Iceberg Chart
    • Definition
    • Major Themes
    • Life Indicators: (Here’s a sample list: distant and hollow relationships, overeating, easily bored, undisciplined, procrastinates, underdressing, feels dirty-guilty-ashamed, messy and sloppy….)

11:05-NOON • SESSION #2

  • The SECOND Category of Desires
    • Definition
    • Major Themes
    • Life Indicators: (Samples: preoccupation with the next “buy,” envious, greedy, over-working, squanders money or is miserly, dishonest….)

12:05-12:45  • LUNCH (Included – Jimmy John’s)

12:50-1:45 • SESSION #3

  • The THIRD Category of Desires, Part 1
    • The Hardest To See In Your Life–The Easiest To See In Others. (Your problems, and a lot of other people’s behavioral problems will come clear as you understand this tricky and thorny category of desires.)
    • Definition
    • Major Themes

1:55-2:40 • SESSION #4

  • The THIRD Category of Desires, Part 2
    • Life Indicators (Samples: image-massaging, wears “masks,” self-monitoring with impression management, controlling, triangulation, plays victim, pouting, conceited, driven, distant and hollow relationships, seeking acceptance/respect, BDD, feels unique, self-absorbed, unilateral listening, conversation flipping, lack of empathy, narcissistic, angry, argumentative, clams up/blow up….) NOTE: There are over 100 indicators for this category.


  • The Met·a·nar·ra·tive (/ˈmedəˌnerədiv/): an overarching account or interpretation of events that provides a structure for beliefs and gives meaning to experiences. (This account is “Good News.”)
    • You Are A Philosopher
    • You Are A Theologian
    • Everything Has a Beginning: What About Desires?
    • What Major Event In World History Changed Everything?
    • What Other Major Event Changed Everything Again?

3:20-4:00 • OK, SO WHAT DO I DO NOW? / Q & A

  • How Do I Apply All This To My Relationships?
    • Relationships of Equality (Marriage, partnerships, coworkers, etc.)
    • Relationships of Authority/Leadership (Parenting, as a supervisor, etc.)
    • Q & A

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Snack items, water, drinks, and coffee will be available throughout the seminar.

This seminar is provided by The Counseling Center at Bay City, a non-profit, free counseling center based at Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay, WI (marriage counseling, marriage therapy, family counseling, family therapy, addictions counseling, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, and more).

The seminar fee helps cover advertising and travel costs. Proceeds above costs will be used to support free counseling in Green Bay, and the rest will be donated to Freedom House in Green Bay. Freedom House exists to equip families with the skills and resources needed to become self-sufficient. It serves a diverse population of Green Bay and Brown County’s homeless families through its shelter on Green Bay’s east side and its campus on the west side of Green Bay called The Bridge.

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