••> Three desires drive you every day.
••> Three desires drive your partner.
••> Three desires drive your children.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The October 10, 2020 seminar/webinar has been CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS. A Spring date will be posted soon.

See what people say afterwards, like this one:

“This has been so beneficial and insightful! I thoroughly enjoyed how this seminar was taught by Dave with wisdom, humor and real-life examples of vulnerability. Great resource and I have been a counselor for many years! I highly suggest investing in yourself with this training.” (JoAnne N. MSW, LCSW, BCPCC)

One hour of counseling is $80-$200 in Green Bay. This seminar delivers five hours of life-changing information for $59 ($99 couple).

QUESTION: Do you really know why you do what you do?

You will see your marriage, parenting, and relationship problems clearly.

When you understand the REAL reasons for your child’s behavior, your parenting responses will be much more productive.

Painful relationships drain you mentally and physically. The next time you’re trapped in raw conflict, what would you pay to fix it?

Because American psychologies don’t understand human desires, they teach “nature/nurture” theory, which can be helpful, but there’s something deeper that drives behavior.

After the seminar you’ll be able to answer these intriguing questions.

This seminar provides immediate impact to anyone needing marriage counseling, couples therapy, or parenting help. Read the reviews.

Can’t pay? Contact us here–we have limited scholarship funds available.

“Your biggest problem is not your circumstances. Your biggest problem is not the people around you. Your biggest problem is you.” – Dave Bender

“So many people are surprised that things aren’t rosy and beautiful after seven to ten years – things are stale and stilted. But if we can be intentional early on, that’s a path we don’t need to take.”Dr. Adrianne Fletcher

The Three Desires Seminar is presented by The Counseling Center at Bay City, a service of Bay City Baptist Church of Green Bay, WI.

Ready to make your next chapter better than the last?


  • “Very important message applicable to the way we live moment by moment. Overall it was a delight to be a part of your conference.”

    Jodi L.
  • “God spoke to me directly regarding Desire #3 when it was asked ‘Isn’t it biblical for your spouse to put you 1st under God’…He told me ‘That is GOD’S EXPECTATION OF OUR SPOUSE & HE WILL DEAL W/THAT, RELEASE THAT EXPECTATION OF YOUR SPOUSE – THAT IS THEIR SIN – DON’T MAKE IT YOUR SIN’ That is HUGE FOR ME!!!”

    Lindsey W.
  • “Very good at going over three desires and explaining what they are. Could spend more time talking about the hope we have that was touched on in the end. Overall it was worth the time spent learning about and thank you very much.”

    Name Withheld
  • “The specific outline of my mind and motives in present day context reveals problem areas that require attention.”

    Name Withheld
  • “This opened my eyes from a different perspective. Thank you! During lunch God placed Dave at our table for insightful conversations!”

    Denise R.
  • “Thank you very much for the Three Desires Seminar! I learned a lot, and will use it to try to improve relationships (with my wife, children, etc.) going forward. The seminar is an excellent marriage enrichment opportunity. [Dave] and Dr. Fletcher do a great job of answering your questions along the way.”

    Male (name withheld)
  • “Love the format. Love the info. Love the message. Made me think much deeper into my understandings of Desire and how it affects me, my marriage, my family, my life. I will be using these tools to keep me together and stop the crumbling in my life.”

    Rob R.
  • “Very interesting! This seminar has given me a lot to think about and it has given me hope for the future.”

    Name Withheld
  • “First time in a seminar of this type. Nicely organized information, clearly explained…”.

    Jeff K.