“The information shared in this seminar is life-changing, not only for me as a professional counselor but also for my (Christian) clients that I intend to share these concepts with. I would recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to have better relationships and better knowledge of self. Thank you!” (Stephanie S. Licensed Professional Counselor, SAC)

A LITTLE NOTE FOR YOU: If you just Googled “what are the three desires,” you probably saw links to Buddhist teachings. Please pardon our bluntness on this, but they get it wrong. We’re glad they understand that there’s a deep problem with humanity, but Buddhism doesn’t understand what’s really wrong, and what went wrong. And they certainly don’t understand what it takes to change.

If you’re researching, you’ll also see that some teach “Five Desires,” or “10 Desires,” or “16 Desires.” Even the “safety, belonging, and mattering” teaching misses it. There are only three categories of desires, and all the others fall into one of the three main categories.

Alright, now please read on…

A single hour of counseling will cost you $80-$250 in Green Bay. This seminar delivers five hours of “aha-moment” material for $20. (This seminar is completely non-profit.)

You will finally see your marriage, parenting, and relationship problems clearly. QUESTION: Do you really know why you do what you do? What are the human desires? You WILL understand your desires.

When you understand the DEEPEST reasons for your child’s behavior, your parenting responses will become more productive.

Painful relationships drain you mentally and physically don’t they? The next time you’re trapped in raw conflict, what would you pay to fix it?

Because psychology doesn’t understand human desires, they teach “nature/nurture” theory. While this can be somewhat helpful, there’s something deeper that drives behavior. What are the human desires? We’ll help you understand what they are.

After the seminar you’ll be able to answer these intriguing questions.

This seminar provides immediate impact to anyone needing marriage counseling, couples therapy, or parenting help. Read the reviews.

Can’t pay? Contact us here–we have scholarship funds available.

“Your biggest problem is not your circumstances. Your biggest problem is not the people around you. Your biggest problem is you.”  – Dave Bender

The Three Desires Seminar is presented by The Counseling Center at Bay City.

Ready to make your next chapter better than the last?


  • “This is the second time I’ve attended Three Desires because it counteracts myths in popular psychology, and I wanted to get the correct perspective engrained. I learned the importance of understanding desires and how they effect relationships. I also learned that opposing desires generate conflict. I’d recommend this to anyone who works with others. The seminar is so good, and Mr. Bender’s style is excellent.”

    Shanah Z.
  • Great information professionally delivered by an outstanding presenter. Splendid breakdown with expert information. Full circle tie-in with the Bible and God’s plan.

  • “Dave’s seminar, brought up topics that we all take for granted, also makes us realize what we have and how we act toward others and changes we can make to be a better listener, a reality check that we sometimes need in life.”

    Bernie R.
  • “Excellent, innovative…Dave’s transparency wisdom and humor keeps one’s interest….Gained tremendous insights spiritually intellectually and psychologically. Good lunch & snacks 🙂 Thank you!”

    Judy M.
  • “My take aways: Conflict is a result of a clash of desires. Recognizing the clashing desires is the beginning of resolution like finding the holes that need to be plugged in a sinking boat…”.

    Name Not Given
  • “This seminar is well worth the time for even an individual not just a couple. Also for a person of any age.”

    Aaron W.
  • “Really enjoyed hearing about The Three Desires. It was able to see myself in God’s life.”

    Albert Y.
  • “Excellent seminar!! So glad I attended!!

    Pat H.
  • “Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in this seminar. It was such a blessing to attend. It was such a clear description of why we do the things we do. It will certainly help me recognize the struggles in my relationships & how to address them. As well as help me as I work with others at work or in my life.”

    Richard S.