“This is the second time I’ve attended Three Desires because it counteracts myths in popular psychology, and I wanted to get the correct perspective engrained. I learned the importance of understanding desires and how they effect relationships. I also learned that opposing desires generate conflict. I’d recommend this to anyone who works with others. The seminar is so good, and Mr. Bender’s style is excellent.”

Shanah Z.

Great information professionally delivered by an outstanding presenter. Splendid breakdown with expert information. Full circle tie-in with the Bible and God’s plan.


“Dave’s seminar, brought up topics that we all take for granted, also makes us realize what we have and how we act toward others and changes we can make to be a better listener, a reality check that we sometimes need in life.”

Bernie R.

“Excellent, innovative…Dave’s transparency wisdom and humor keeps one’s interest….Gained tremendous insights spiritually intellectually and psychologically. Good lunch & snacks 🙂 Thank you!”

Judy M.

“My take aways: Conflict is a result of a clash of desires. Recognizing the clashing desires is the beginning of resolution like finding the holes that need to be plugged in a sinking boat…”.

Name Not Given

“This seminar is well worth the time for even an individual not just a couple. Also for a person of any age.”

Aaron W.

“Really enjoyed hearing about The Three Desires. It was able to see myself in God’s life.”

Albert Y.

“Excellent seminar!! So glad I attended!!

Pat H.

“Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in this seminar. It was such a blessing to attend. It was such a clear description of why we do the things we do. It will certainly help me recognize the struggles in my relationships & how to address them. As well as help me as I work with others at work or in my life.”

Richard S.

“This seminar has been very informative. It has helped me put my own desires into perspective…”.

Gina W.

“This seminar was very helpful in gaining discernment of my own heart & other people in my life as well. It helps to get to the root of why I do what I do…”.

Name Not Given

“Great exposure to recognizing your own sins and struggles…have never really stepped back to think about my sins the way I have today!”

Name Not Given

“Very beneficial for exactly where I am in life! A new better perspective and a helpful place to start working on the things that I learned in the seminar. Well worth the time invested and money spent!”

Alex M.

“A profound and crutial foundational awareness that everyone will benefit from, leading the way to a much more fulfilling life. Loved this class, would love to have another one.”

Anastasia M.

“This seminar was useful; unique and applicable…I’m in my 50’s, have a college degree and have a decades-old relationships to Christ, but yet I learned many new truths which I’ll use.”

Shanah Z.

“Great seminar = Really helps you identify most issues are created because you are selfish. To repair conflicts we need to ask what can I change first.”

Name Not Given

“The information shared in this seminar is life-changing, not only for me as a professional counselor but also for my (Christian) clients that I intend to share these concepts with. I would recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to have better relationships and better knowledge of self. Thank you!”

Stephanie S. LPC SAC

“What a great journey in exploring the desires and the transition from the natural to the spiritual. With our problem being misdirected desires & the solution only in Christ.”

Heath P.

“This was a very benificial & helpful seminar. It helped me to realize that our desires are not bad, we just have to train ourselves to redirect them toward God.”

Mary B.

“This was eye opening and helpful. We learned about how conflict stems from internal desires and the only solution is Jesus Christ. I saw my own sinful heart and was reminded of my great Savior!”

Dwayne S.

“The three desires class was an enlightening correlation between the challenges of life and gives an understanding of the promises of scripture to properly navigate the waters in a holy way thank you for your insight”

Mitchell V.

Dave presents valued, life pertinent information in a loving way that not only allowed me to understand it, but put it into practice.”

Luke K.

“This seminar was very helpful realigning my desires back to God. It is very easy to allow them to be influenced by worldly desires & live for self, but this reminder was very helpful & refreshing…”.

Female (name not given)

“Very informative. Well presented. So glad I came. Thank you for all the food, drinks, handouts, tablets, info, presentation, Great! Exceeded expectations. (I expected it to be good.)”

Female (name not given)

“I did not believe it could be so simple to breakdown the desires of humanity into 3 desires that cover the whole spectrum of human needs. Very Eye Opening!”

Kasey H.

“It’s a wonderful conference. I wish more people knew about it.”

Laura G.

“Excellent – second time attended. Very worthwhile to attend again. (& apply principles).”

Female (name not given)

“I greatly appreciated the well-structured presentation of information which helps me to understand interpersonal relationship struggles more objectively. Thank you!”

Male (name not given)

“Very informative! This seminar gave me many things to think about and to work on changing. Great information that was presented well. Thank you!”

Lisa G.

“Very important message applicable to the way we live moment by moment. Overall it was a delight to be a part of your conference.”

Jodi L.

“God spoke to me directly regarding Desire #3 when it was asked ‘Isn’t it biblical for your spouse to put you 1st under God’…He told me ‘That is GOD’S EXPECTATION OF OUR SPOUSE & HE WILL DEAL W/THAT, RELEASE THAT EXPECTATION OF YOUR SPOUSE – THAT IS THEIR SIN – DON’T MAKE IT YOUR SIN’ That is HUGE FOR ME!!!”

Lindsey W.

“Very good at going over three desires and explaining what they are. Could spend more time talking about the hope we have that was touched on in the end. Overall it was worth the time spent learning about and thank you very much.”

Female (name not given)

“The specific outline of my mind and motives in present day context reveals problem areas that require attention.”

Male (name not given)

“This opened my eyes from a different perspective. Thank you! During lunch God placed Dave at our table for insightful conversations!”

Denise R.

“Thank you very much for the Three Desires Seminar! I learned a lot, and will use it to try to improve relationships (with my wife, children, etc.) going forward. The seminar is an excellent marriage enrichment opportunity. [Dave] and Dr. Fletcher do a great job of answering your questions along the way.”

Male (name not given)

“Love the format. Love the info. Love the message. Made me think much deeper into my understandings of Desire and how it affects me, my marriage, my family, my life. I will be using these tools to keep me together and stop the crumbling in my life.”

Rob R.

“Very interesting! This seminar has given me a lot to think about and it has given me hope for the future.”

Name Not Given

“First time in a seminar of this type. Nicely organized information, clearly explained…”.

Jeff K.

“Thank you! My family & I were in a chaotic time and beginning of a healing place with a lot of work to do. Three Desires has opened doors for all of us. We are now seeing where each of us struggle and how to help each other redirect. As well as recognizing potential conflicts before it gets out of control. Thank You”

Name Not Given

“I see how ‘dark’ my heart is from this training, not condemning. But it’s good to see that we’re all the same.”

Rex R.