“It’s a wonderful conference. I wish more people knew about it.”

Laura G.

“Excellent – second time attended. Very worthwhile to attend again. (& apply principles).”

Female (name not given)

“I greatly appreciated the well-structured presentation of information which helps me to understand interpersonal relationship struggles more objectively. Thank you!”

Male (name not given)

“Very informative! This seminar gave me many things to think about and to work on changing. Great information that was presented well. Thank you!”

Lisa G.

“Very important message applicable to the way we live moment by moment. Overall it was a delight to be a part of your conference.”

Jodi L.

“God spoke to me directly regarding Desire #3 when it was asked ‘Isn’t it biblical for your spouse to put you 1st under God’…He told me ‘That is GOD’S EXPECTATION OF OUR SPOUSE & HE WILL DEAL W/THAT, RELEASE THAT EXPECTATION OF YOUR SPOUSE – THAT IS THEIR SIN – DON’T MAKE IT YOUR SIN’ That is HUGE FOR ME!!!”

Lindsey W.

“Very good at going over three desires and explaining what they are. Could spend more time talking about the hope we have that was touched on in the end. Overall it was worth the time spent learning about and thank you very much.”

Female (name not given)

“The specific outline of my mind and motives in present day context reveals problem areas that require attention.”

Male (name not given)

“This opened my eyes from a different perspective. Thank you! During lunch God placed Dave at our table for insightful conversations!”

Denise R.

“Thank you very much for the Three Desires Seminar! I learned a lot, and will use it to try to improve relationships (with my wife, children, etc.) going forward. The seminar is an excellent marriage enrichment opportunity. [Dave] and Dr. Fletcher do a great job of answering your questions along the way.”

Male (name not given)

“Love the format. Love the info. Love the message. Made me think much deeper into my understandings of Desire and how it affects me, my marriage, my family, my life. I will be using these tools to keep me together and stop the crumbling in my life.”

Rob R.

“Very interesting! This seminar has given me a lot to think about and it has given me hope for the future.”

Name Not Provided

“First time in a seminar of this type. Nicely organized information, clearly explained…”.

Jeff K.

“Thank you! My family & I were in a chaotic time and beginning of a healing place with a lot of work to do. Three Desires has opened doors for all of us. We are now seeing where each of us struggle and how to help each other redirect. As well as recognizing potential conflicts before it gets out of control. Thank You”

Name Not Provided

“I see how ‘dark’ my heart is from this training, not condemning. But it’s good to see that we’re all the same.”

Rex R.

“This has been so beneficial and insightful! I thoroughly enjoyed how this seminar was taught by Dave with wisdom, humor and real-life examples of vulnerability. Great resource and I have been a counselor for many years! I highly suggest investing in yourself with this training.”


“This seminar opened my eyes to see the desires of my heart, and what I need to do with them so that I’ll have less conflict in my marriage.”

Name Not Provided

“This seminar opened my eyes to a lot of blinders that I had. It revealed to me the root issues in my life not just the symptoms.”

Tim H.

“This training helped me understand who I am and how I am supposed to act.”

Patrick T.

“This really opened up my eyes as to how my household runs, especially with the ‘directors.’ I am interested to see how this plays out moving forward.”

Ashley T.

“This training opened my eyes to a new perspective that has changed how I see myself and others and the reason for our behaviors.”

Name Not Provided

“This helped me see myself & others at a deeper level, good examples & illustrations that were easy to grasp, good practical tips.”


“Much appreciated-well covered, would like a series II.”

Female (name not given)

“One of the most informative, interactive thought process sessions I’ve attended in years. The ‘Impression Management’ teaching was worth the cost of the day alone.”

Andy C.

“It really connected the dots for me. Helping me to see the true root of the problem makes success attainable.”

Jesse S.

“The seminar was wonderful. The information we received will help us not only in our mentoring but also in our own marriage. It opened our eyes to the desires the drive our behavior.”

Niles & Barb K.

“I really learned so much about the desires that drive behavior.”

Female (name withheld)

“I didn’t know what to expect coming in, but my experience was eye opening. This course was insightful & thought-provoking.”

Anissa S.

“This presentation helped to identify how some root issues of mine can affect my relationship…. Also very helpful tips on how to handle issues with our kids.”

Angie G.

“Understanding the ‘three desires chart’ has had an impact on me.  It helped me see myself and my own desires for what they are.”

Carol C.

“The chart used divided the desires into relevant terms for modern life…. Very helpful course to show why we do what we do and how we can fix it…!”

Jacob T.

“It was helpful because we were able to see clearer our part in the family struggles and it is common to have these struggles. It also helped in ways we can, in turn, help others in the same situation.”

Female (name not given)

“I recommend this training because it shows the deeper issues people have below the surface that lead to the negative behaviors…. This training helped me to distinguish between surface and root problems I have, so I can catch myself more quickly when I’m about to lose my temper…”.

Ryan S.

Before I learned these things, I was so blind to my own faults. I was such a blame shifter, and so so so selfish. It’s embarrassing to think about how selfish I must have looked to other people. I wish I had learned these things earlier. Now I find that I can actually ‘see’ what’s happening inside me and I catch myself…I can live for my family and other people around me rather than myself. It’s a relief.”

Male (name not given)

“[Dave] truly is passionate and desires to help families be healthy…. The teachings have taught me to not only look at faults of those around me but truly look at myself.”

Julie G.

“This training helped me to see how much I struggle with pride. [This] allows me to work on improving my shortcomings.”

Brent L.

“I did not realize that the Bible has so much to say about our human nature and what our wants and desires are really rooted in. What I’ve learned…has helped me to understand why I do what I do, and more importantly why doing what I do sometimes lands me in a world of hurt.”

Kevin B.

“This training raises a multitude of questions that should be addressed by a troubled couple.”

David F.

“[I learned that] what we have inside us comes out to the surface during times of stress.”

Female (name not given)